BDSM Collars

Finding, selecting, and buying the best collar is an important step for every Dominant and submissive couple. We've outlined some of the most important steps to take, and things to keep in mind when going through this process written by experienced people in the BDSM community.

What is Plaything?

Plaything was founded on the principle that kink gear should be beautifully crafted, play-proof, and ethically made so that it can be cherished for years to come. All our products are made by hand by expert artisans in South America, using only the finest materials like ethically sourced genuine leather. You can read more about our story or get in touch with any questions. Matched with world-class support, generous warranties, and free shipping, we are here to create a delightful shopping experience.

What are BDSM collars?

Collars are items of clothing worn around the neck often with the intent of displaying that the wearing is in a submissive or slave role. Collars are often used as a symbol of the wearer's "owned" state by their Dominant, and in many ways play a similar role to that of a marriage ring. As such, collars come in a variety of styles and sizes, ranging from very subtle necklace like day collars to more intense locked slave collars. Collars and leashes are classic visuals that one associates with BDSM and other forms of kinky play but they often have much deeper meanings for the wearer's and their partners.

Whatever your intended uses for the collar, it is important that you search for the right option for you and your partner. Our collars at Plaything have been designed to look stunning while also provide years of playtime by using only the finest raw materials and ethical craftsmanship.

Collars in Fashion

It is also increasingly fashionable to use a BDSM collar as a fashion accessory, similar to a choker or necklace. These collars are more commonly made of softer materials and will prioritize aesthetics over their bondage capabilities. Goth and punk subcultures have accepted collars as part of their general fashion identities for decades and aren't necessarily linked with BDSM activities. You can also add little design details to your sub collar, especially if it comes with multiple rings with accessories such as a leash or bell.

What are collars made from?

Collars are often crafted from black leather, but can also be constructed from synthetic materials, rope, or even metal. Most readily available collars however tend to be of lower quality, using cheap textiles and weak bindings. Plaything collars however are designed specifically to be of the highest quality, produced in a way that makes them both visually stunning but also capable of enduring years of intense play.

What are collars used for?

Collars have a variety of uses, from acting as a fashion accessory to being an integral part of a Dominant/submissive relationship. At the end of the day, it's important that whatever collar you choose, and for whatever purpose, you have fun in the process. Whether you're looking for your first collar to go with an outfit or whether you're a kink veteran looking to add a cherished piece to your collection, Plaything has the best handcrafted BDSM collars for subs and their Partners that you can order online and ship worldwide, usually with free shipping!

How to find the right BDSM collar?

Choosing the right type of collar

The very first step to picking the right collar for you or Your submissive is understanding what exactly you are looking for. Are you looking for something that will be usually primarily as a visual accessory, a tool to be used in intense play, or is it a symbol ring to put around their neck? If you are looking for the former, any of our Plaything collars will work well and can be used for any of your creative outfits, just search through our handcrafted collars. If you are the type to enjoy the rougher kinks, make sure you select a bdsm collar with thicker materials and larger rings so that you can ensure that it'll be compatible with any other play gear that you may already have.

Here are some of the most common collar types: DDLG Collars, Eternity Collars, Leather Choker, Choker Collars, Petplay Collars, Metal Collars, Bondage Collars, Locking Collars, Leather BDSM Collars, Posture Collars, Sub Collars, and Day Collars.

Picking the right size for your neck

The second step to picking the right collar is understanding what size of the product you will need to find. Most collars come with adjustable straps, but it is important to make sure that whatever bdsm collar you choose has the option to be increased and decreased in size. If you are unsure of how to measure your neck for a collar, consider checking out this guide.

Selecting the perfect styles

Just like any other piece of gear, BDSM collars come in many different styles and visual aesthetics. It's entirely up to you and your partner to decide what makes the most sense for you to wear. Some people decide to have a couple of different collars at their disposal in various visual styles so that there is never a lack of variety for diverse outfits and occasions. Whether you're a sub looking for a cute black leather accessory to show your devotion or a Dominant looking for a memorable gift, there are no wrong choices when it comes to selecting a bdsm collar style.

Accessorizing with Leashes and other add-ons

Once you've found a collar or two that you really like, you should consider ordering some other add ons such as a leash to go with your BDSM collar. These little accessories can really take your experience to the next level by adding another layer of control. In this case, a leash can make it easy to lead your partner during playtime. A high-quality leather leash is an important tool in your bedroom toolset and can be ordered online from us at Plaything. You might also consider nipple clamp chains that can be attached to your collar if you and your partner enjoy that during play. DIY accessories for your collar include things like adding a locket to the ring, or a bell so that the little dings can be heard around the house, a subtle reminder of the power dynamic in your relationship.

Finding the right price

Collars are a great example of getting what you pay for, as prices can range from very cheap in the single-digit dollar ranges up into the hundreds for bespoke custom collars with jewels and precious metals. Finding a product that is the right price will come down to whether to how much you feel comfortable spending on a piece. Raw elements like genuine leather will also cost more than leather and plastic options which are regularly available on the big sites. Expect to pay anywhere between $40 and $90 for handmade higher quality leather collars.

BDSM Collars for Your Submissive

A BDSM collar can be a really important part of a D/s relationship, either used as a tool in the bedroom, as a symbol of ownership or any other importance that a couple gives it. Whatever your goals are for a collar, it's important that you understand what you want it to symbolize for you and Your submissive.

Your collar is your identity

Pick something that visually represents both of your styles and power dynamic, whether that be something really bold and obvious like a metal posture slave collar or something subtle like a dainty day collar that only the two of you know the meaning of. Shopping online for your collar can be a tricky task, especially with so many options out there but it's worth spending the time on to get right as it's likely something either you or your partner will wear for extended periods of time. It's important to take things like supplies, craftsmanship, and quality into consideration, especially if you want to feel proud of it when you go out to kink community events, or even in the privacy of your bedroom's bondage set up.

Different collars for various situations

Just like any other piece of clothing, it can be useful to have a variety of contrasting collar styles and types in your collection. Similar to how a watch enthusiast has an everyday watch and a going-out watch, consider ordering a couple of distinct collars that match the different types of activities that you enjoy partaking in, as well as how much variety you like in your or your partner's outfits.

Plaything BSDM Collars are handcrafted from genuine leather

One of the core principles of Plaything is to create products produced from the finest metals. Whether it is our ethically sourced genuine leather or fine metals; we ensure that all of our products are designed in a way that they are going to be around for a long time. As an antithesis to fast-fashion, we are trying to build a brand that is aligned with the real needs and desires of our customers. The kink gear industry is plagued with throw away products that are used once and then thrown into a box. We are trying to create a new generation where our collars are cherished like wedding rings. You can learn more about our way of thinking and about us here.

Bondage Collars

Bondage Collars

Bondage collars are important products for both BDSM purposes as well as popular fashion accessories. Usually made of black leather with a single ring on the front, the bondage collar is primarily used as a means of restraint, worn by people that play a submissive role in a Dominant/submissive relationship. Available in a variety of sizes, from small everyday options to full-size posture collars; bdsm collars come in a diverse array of options. It's also quite common for bondage collars to be made from black leather with rings attached to them, used regularly for BDSM play sessions as a means of restraining the collar wearer.

What is Plaything?

Plaything is a brand dedicated to providing high-quality genuine leather play gear at an affordable price while ensuring only the finest materials and ethical manufacturing, made in South America. Our items are also built to endure intense play sessions while looking unique around the neck. Founded on the core principles that kink shouldn't feel like a dark and taboo experience, Plaything is moving the industry forward to better serve our customers and their needs.

What are bondage collars?

The leather collar is most commonly accepted during BDSM sessions as means of restraint for the submissive, but also as a visual sign of one's "owned" status. Wearing such a collar can also be adopted for fashion purposes. The ring(s) on the front of your average bondage collar may be used for attaching accessories and tools, such as a simple leash, or a more complex restraint system. Add this product to your collection if you are looking for an effective way of showing your submission and devotion to your partner, in and out of the bedroom. Whether you consider yourself a slave, a sub, or just a fashionista, there are great leather bdsm products available for you to shop.

Collars and their place in fashion

A large number of people are interested in collars primarily for their fashion purposes, with the collar being a staple of punk and gothic aesthetics, as well as parts of Japanese streetwear culture. If you are considering your first collar for clothing purposes, consider shopping for a simple and attractive design that matches the rest of your outfits. If you are looking for a more rugged look, get yourself a leather collar with more metal elements, usually available in a variety of colors and sizes. Regardless of what you are looking for, it's important that you pick the best option for your personal tastes.

How are is a leather collar made?

The most classic collar designs are produced of leather, commonly black leather with a ring or two at the front to help with accessories. Many collars also come with buckles and other forms of locking mechanisms to ensure that the products are tightly around the neck. A leather collar can be an important part of a D/s relationship so it's vital that you shop for products that are high quality and give you years of enjoyment.

Problems with other options on the market

Most bdsm gear available online is manufactured of low-quality materials like cheap plastics and thin metals, which work well if your only goal is for a quick fashion accessory but isn't acceptable if you are hoping to use them during intense play sessions. Often put together in unethical conditions in China, it's important that when you are picking the right collar that you are making sure that you are getting something durable and high quality.

What are some uses for a bondage collar in BDSM?

The most common use for a leather bdsm collar is primarily as a means for a slave or sub to display their "owned" status; whether in the privacy of their home with the company of their partners or out in the real world at bdsm events. A black collar with a metal ring on the front is the most common style, with the ring acting as a useful means of either restraining the wearer or providing extensibility for other products like leashes or body chains. These collars provide a wide variety of different styles and versions, ranging from discreet day collars for everyday use to more extreme versions such as shock collars or posture collars that can stretch from the collar bones to the chin.

Why does the right leather bdsm collar matter?

It's important that you find the right collar that feels like someone took the time to create the perfect fit. Well designed collars also ensure that even the roughest of play remains fun and safe, so make sure you read through the information available on the brand's site and click through the various options till you find what you are looking for.

How to find the perfect collar to wear

Finding the right collar for you or your partner is an important process that mustn't be rushed. Take the time to search through the different products available until you find something that is right for you. Whether you're looking for a classical black leather option or a modern small purple collar, details like color and the visual image might be just as important as the locking mechanism and height. Everyone is different and it's important that you take your time to select your best product. Whether it's large or small, leather or metal, with one ring or many rings; be patient in your collar shop process.

Finding the right type of collar

The first step you need to take when browsing collars is understanding the purpose of this collar. While some couples build a collection of collars that they can change out as needed if you plan on only buying one or two it's paramount that you search for items that match your needs. If you are looking some a simple fashion accessory your search can be very superficial and come down to your favorite image and can afford.

Important things to remember

If you are buying a collar for play purposes, or as a slave collar, it's important that you get something that will endure the type of sessions you are planning on engaging in. It's also important that you don't select an option that is too small, or too wide. Know what you're looking for in terms of what you want from a utility standpoint and you'll get exactly what you want. If you have a variety of use cases in mind, then consider buying a set of collars that allow you to have fun and look great.

Making sure you pick the right size

Upon completion of the previous step, you can now move onto making sure your order comes in the right size. For a quick and easy guide, have a look at this resource to help understand how to measure your neck.

What to expect in terms of price

One collar can vary greatly from another when it comes to the price. Like most other products, materials, quality, and brand play a big part in what is available. The complexity of a design and its size can also affect the price a bit. Naturally more premium materials such as precious metal or genuine leather can affect how much you will have to spend. The middle of the price range has a wide variety of options so it's important that you read through the information available on the site so that you know exactly what you will get.

Choosing a style that's on point

Picking a collar that matches your desired style is no easy task but ultimately comes down to your personal taste. If you understand what utilitarian details are necessary for your collar, then you can start thinking about things like color and how many rings you want on the product. Whether you're looking for black leather or shiny silver, there are many options out there with rings made from silver and others in gold plate.

Our BDSM bondage collars are handcrafted and ethically produced

Plaything is a boutique bdsm gear brand dedicated to producing premium leather products from the finest materials, all by hand by expert artisans in South America. Made with genuine leather and quality metals, our products are designed to endure years of intense play and providing products to be cherished for a long time.


Collars are used for controlling

Collars for Humans

Collars for humans are popular both as visual fashion accessories as well as key items in Dominant/submissive relationships. Whatever the reason why you are looking for a collar, We have various options and styles that are designed with the finest materials.

What is Plaything?

Plaything was founded on the key concepts that BDSM and play gear should be beautiful, sturdy, and made to last years. Designed and hand made by expert craftspeople in South America, Plaything is redefining what it means to own the best leather products. Experience our collars and leashes for yourself by browsing our online shop with unbeatable prices.

What are collars for humans?

The most standard collars are usually made of black leather with a metallic ring at the front, most often worn around the neck. While your collar can be worn for purely aesthetic reasons, it is an important part of D/s BDSM relationships as visual indicators or someone's "owned" status. The products also have utilitarian uses during BDSM sessions for bondage. Search for a style and aesthetic that matches your goals and you'll be well on your way to putting in your successful collar order. If you still need help understanding what's right for you, feel free to reach out to us at any point by email or by phone.

Collars in Fashion

The collar has always had their place in fashion, primarily as a staple for the goth and punk subcultures; they are similarly popular in parts of Japanese street fashion. Similarly, chokers of various sorts have also been a popular fashion accessory, with the 90s look making a popular return in the 2010s.

What are collars made from?

Collars come in various shapes and sizes, but the most classic collar designs are made from genuine leather, as are all of Plaything's exclusive products, with a medium-sized loop ring in the front, making it easy to attach a leash or other form of bondage gear. That being said, most collars sold these days are made of cheap plastics and fragile metals, resulting in throw-away fashion that is used once or twice before being discarded. Make sure that you order gear that matches your intended uses made from materials and craftsmanship that gets results when shopping.

Like any other product, a brand new collar can come in a great number of categories and types. Collars are also often made from other materials like metal, vegan leather, rope, and other assorted textiles. Additional accessories like rings, spikes, and chains are commonly found on collars.

Want to find the right collar?

Choosing the right type of collar

It's important to take the time to understand what kind of collar you are looking for, and more so what kind you need. If you are looking for an addition to your wardrobe, you can confidently shop for any style or type you find that matches your desired look. Sort through our options to find something that goes perfectly with your ideal aesthetic and is in your price range.

If you are looking for a collar for BDSM or play purposes, then it's important to work your way through the many options out there to find something that both matches your desired look but is also play ready meaning that its made for intense play sessions. You also need to make sure that the collar that you order has all the right hoops and loops for any add-ons you plan on using, such as leashes or nipple clamps. Plaything's BDSM collars are all designed to withstand years of rough use while still looking their best and something to cherish for years.

Finding the right price

BDSM gear comes in a wide variety of different price ranges, from cheap mass-produced plastic products starting at $5 to ultra-luxury designer options in the hundreds of dollar range. Our collar options and leather leashes are very much in the vein of getting what you for, but it's important to not just rely on the price. Make sure you do your research before you hand over your currency.

Plaything collars are hand made from premium materials

Our products at Plaything use only the most ethical and premium materials and are all hand made. We do all of this and still get our prices down to make our high-quality offerings as accessible as possible.

All about customer service

Customer service is the hallmark of Plaything and we do everything we can to make sure that your BDSM gear experience is like no other. Whenever you order a Plaything collar or any of our other products, we are welcoming you to an exclusive group of Plaything owners. Your satisfaction and happiness is our number one goal. At any point, please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns, or use our live chat to get in touch quicker.

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Leather BDSM Collars

Have you ever wondered why some people wear collars around their necks? Well for some it's just a small fashion statement and for others, it has meaning as profound as a wedding ring. Leather BDSM collars are a vital part of your average Dominant submissive relationships, often displaying the Dominant status of ownership over the wearer. Whether you're looking for an edgy visual statement or a subtle day collar to display your love for your partner, a collar composed of leather is a classic, high-quality option that will hopefully be both durable and visually stunning.

What is Plaything?

Plaything is a BDSM gear boutique focused on designing and producing play gear built from the finest materials by expert artisans in South America, all while ensuring that our designs are timeless. Not only are our leather collars beautifully minimalist, but they're also designed to endure tough play sessions. Plaything is also moving the industry forward by avoiding sexualized imagery with our core principles being about making play gear sensual, not sexual. You can explore our online collar shop here.

What are leather BDSM collars?

As discussed, leather collars can be used for a variety of things, ranging from simple fashion accessories to symbolic pieces of jewelry similar to that of a wedding ring. There is no right or wrong reason to wear a collar, as long as you are doing it safely.

The average leather collar is made up of a black band of leather, tightly fastened around the neck and secured with a buckle or similar locking mechanism. The majority of collars will also come with one or more rings on the front, primarily as a means of attaching bondage restraints or accessories like a bdsm leash. The product can come in a wide variety of styles, with varying colors and materials.

Collars in Fashion

Collars are common accessories in the fashion world, most commonly as a staple in the goth and emo cultures. Often accessorized with oversized rings, and adorned with spikes, the collar is a popular day-to-day fashion choice. Collars may also be seen on outfits from certain Japanese fashion subcultures, particularly during the 90s and early 2000s.

What are collars crafted from?

Collars can be produced from just about any material, but the most common options are black leather and metal for higher quality classic designs and pleather/plastic for modern mass-produced items. It's important to take your time when considering your first collar to ensure that you are getting the highest quality product made from the finest materials.

Your intended uses should also come into consideration when selecting product materials as something like cheap plastic and metals might work well for fashion purposes but not if you want to engage in intense play sessions. If you are looking for a really unique collar, consider putting in an order for a custom design. These will usually cost more but will ensure that you get exactly what you're looking for while also ensuring the highest quality outcome. When it comes to getting a truly great collar, you get what you pay for rings very true.

What are collars used for?

While collars have their uses in fashion, they were originally designed as means of restraint, and control. In modern times, they are popular tools in Dominant and submissive relationships. This tends to be a collar's primary use, acting as a bondage instrument as well as a visual symbol of love and affection. The ring attached to your average collar will usually be used for attaching secondary tools like leashes or nipple clamps when in private.

Many submissives and slaves choose to use discrete day collars as a means of displaying their "owned" status while in public without arousing too many strange looks. These collars aren't designed for intense play but rather more so like important jewelry to show their deviation to their partners. Some collars will also have intricate locking mechanisms with some having a lock that can't ever be opened without breaking the collar itself, usually referred to as eternity collars. These are popular options for wearing to public BDSM events.

How to find the right slave collar?

Beyond picking the right color and style, finding the right slave collar is an intricate process with a couple of steps. Not only is it essential to pick the right bdsm collar for your use case, but it's also paramount that you make sure that the producer you are shopping with is reputable, their products are of the best quality, and that they offer quick, free shipping so that you can get your product quickly. Take the time to read through the next steps during your search and make sure that you're happiest with what you buy.

Choosing the right type of collar

As you start your process of finding your new slave collar, think about what you will be using it for the day to day. Are you looking for something to add to your wardrobe or are you looking for something to keep under the bed during kinky play sessions, or are you looking to please your partner by wearing a day collar to visualize your submission to them.

Some people also decide to buy a number of collars for different purposes and will change them out for every different occasion. If you need help figuring out what is the correct kind of collar for you, take our short little quiz or reach out to us for help. We are always available to give you a hand with your collar or another play-gear-related journey.

Picking the right size for your neck

The first step is understanding what size collar you need to ensure that it is both comfortable and safe since collars need to worn be tightly around the throat. It's paramount that you select one that can be adjusted to your neck's size to ensure that your breathing isn't hindered and that it rests well on your skin. Before putting in your order, make sure you read through this neck measurement guide.

Selecting the perfect styles

By now you should know what kind of style you are looking for in your collar. If you plan on using a collar primarily for fashion purposes this is the most important step, and you can pick just about any that match your ideal look and feel. Now if you are planning on using the collar (s) for BDSM purposes, then it's important for you to research what makes the most sense for the type of play you want to engage in. For example, if you are looking for something to completely restrict your partner, then consider a full face posture collar and hood combination, or if you are looking for something that can endure long, intense bondage sessions, make sure that you are selecting something sufficiently thick.

Accessorizing with Leashes and other add-ons

Once you feel you're close to moving forward with a collar or two, consider ordering some accessories to go with your new gear, especially if you can find some on sale! The rings on your collar make it easy to attach things, most commonly a leather leash, or body chains. You can also consider adding some traditional jewelry or whatever else you want to act as a sign of your submission to your partner.

Finding the right price

Great, so you've selected your styles and the right sizes, now it's all about finding a product in your budget. Regardless of whether you've got a small sum to spend, or you're ready to pay whatever it takes, there are options out there ready to ship. Like with most other products, the size and quality of the collar will heavily impact the final price, but if you take your time you should be able to shop for items in your budget range. Plaything is dedicated to making high-quality products from the finest materials accessible to everyone by finding the perfect balance between price and quality. You can search through our hand-crafted collars for humans and leashes here, with free shipping anywhere in the continental US on orders above $99.

Collars for Your submissive

A bondage collar for your submissive can act like a wedding ring, a symbol of your love and devotion to your partner. Whether or not you engage in BDSM is irrelevant, collars are available to everyone and only you can decide what your bdsm collar is for. Oh, and free shipping doesn't hurt either.

Your bdsm collar is your identity

It's important to keep in mind what your bdsm collar says about you or Your submissive as it can be an extension of your personality, and identity. Whether it's by the color, or the style, or the size, your collar can be an integral part of telling the world who you are, and what you are, so shop accordingly.

Different collars for various situations

As we've discussed, collars can play a number of various roles, just like their wearers. Whether you are engaging in BDSM with a bondage collar, or you are one to collect the very best in fashion accessories, there is a collar out there for you. It's your image and you can define how you want the world to see you.

Plaything BSDM Collars are handcrafted from genuine leather

Plaything has a broad variety of BDSM play gear options, regardless of what your tastes and styles are. Our design principles are focused on creating products that last a generation and are cherished every step of the way. With custom-level leather craftsmanship ready to ship and give you the bdsm collar experience you are looking for.

Slave Collars

Submissive Collars

Submissive collars are a fundamental tool in both every day D/s relationships as well as during BDSM play sessions. While some people use it as a piece of jewelry to be cherished, others find collars to be a valuable addition to their fashion collections. Whatever you choose to use your collars for, there's a couple of important details to keep in mind. We've done our best to outline those below.

What is Plaything?

The team at Plaything is dedicated to designing and producing the highest quality leather BDSM play gear, using only the finest materials such as valuable metals and ethical craftsmanship. Whether you're looking for a slave collar to show your devotion to your partner or you just like how collars look around your neck, Plaything has something for you. We are trying to create a new generation of BDSM gear that is cherished and worn for years, rather than quickly produced to only be used a couple of times before dying under the bed. All our products are limited run, so every design is only ever made 999 times and then is gone forever so that all Plaything owners know that what they have is unique and has to be cherished. Explore our selection of products across this site without a moment to lose.

What are submissive collars?

First you must understand that submissive collars are made specifically for people engaging in Dominant/submissive relationships, and often act both as a visual display of one's status as a sub, as well as having rather practical uses during bondage sessions. A submissive neckpiece might look similar to any other collar that you might find at a local punk fashion store but it is the meaning that you and your partner give them that sets them apart. Whether you find yourself in a slave role, or as a Dominant looking for a gift full of symbolic love, a submissive collar is a great choice. Collars can play a similar role in a D/s relationship as can a wedding ring in traditional relationships. Dedicated lifestylers might even engage in collaring ceremonies, which are similar in their importance as weddings are to the rest of society.

Usually worn around the neck, submissive collars are usually made of beautiful black leather and have a single ring on the front, primarily used for attaching accessories like leashes or chains. Similar to a piece of jewelry, a collar can also play more of a visual role, with submissive chokers ranging in intensity, from simple leather chokers around the neck to large, imposing posture collars with hoods. Some submissives choose to show their devotion to their partners by wearing discreet day collars, which are often indistinguishable from a necklace or other jewelry. Whatever you choose to wear a bdsm collar for, you must search for one that matches your aesthetic and functional goals.

Collars and their place in fashion

Submissive and bondage collars have often found their way into various subcultures and their fashion styles. While in some cases people are also using the collars for the initial submissive purposes; the majority are just using it as a fashion accessory. The collar has been a popular part of punk and goth aesthetics for decades, with the 90s choker being a softer, more discreet version of that look. Wearing a collar has also been a staple in certain Japanese streetwear subcultures, often acting as a form of jewelry or as a means to attach other accessories to them, such as bells or other trinkets. If you are looking for a high-quality leather submissive collar to add to your fashion collection, consider browsing the Plaything collar shop.

How are collars made?

Collar production heavily depends on several factors, ranging from materials, manufacturing, style, and more. The standard BDSM collar in 2021 is made in a factory in China in large quantities, usually made out of cheap materials like plastic and brittle metals. These collars are often made in unethical work conditions, will break easily, and are just one of a million others. While these are perfectly valid for cosmetic purposes, they don't provide their wearers with much flexibility when it comes to intense play sessions or long term durability. When a collar can mean so much to submissives and their partners, they must order products that match their intended uses.

On the other hand of the spectrum, many custom and hand-assembled collars are available to buy online, however, this usually comes with large price tags, ranging into the hundreds of dollars for a single piece of gear. While these products are beautiful and well built, it's not always within the realms of affordability for everyday kink enthusiasts. That being said, it's much better to support these artisans than the mass-produced products that usually end up in landfills.

Plaything collars are different in that our products are produced by hand by expert artisans in South America with ethically sourced materials such as genuine leather and jewelry grade sterling silver. All our collars, leashes, and other leather goods are created in limited edition runs of 999 pieces each, meaning that once they sell out, they become highly valued products that can't be ordered from our shop ever again. If you want a piece of gear that will last years and is designed specifically to endure intense play sessions, then Plaything collars might be the right choice for you but at the end of the day, we want you to order something that you feel great about, whether that is from us or someone else.

What are some uses for a submissive collar in BDSM?

As mentioned above, bdsm collars can be used for several different uses ranging from acting as symbolic jewelry, fashion statements, and import tools during bondage play. As they were originally designed for the former use case, you will often find collars with at least one ring on the front or around the collar. This is because its purpose is to act as something that someone can latch onto with a leash or with their fingers to control the submissive wearer.

BDSM collars are also important parts of any rigging set up where a sub is suspended and tied up, with the collar being an important part of restraining their head and with it, much of their control over their bodies. Adding a couple of accessories to a collar is also a popular move for submissives and their partners as there are many options out there like nipple and clit clamps, chains, gags, and even full-face hoods that can cover the sub's entire head. Of course, one can just use a collar for simple bedroom fun with just a leash or hooking fingers through the loop to pull your partner closer to you, but these collars are often designed to endure even the roughest of play styles.

How to find the perfect collar to wear

First understanding what collars are and what they are for an important part of the collar shopping process, however, to effectively shop for your next leather product, you need to understand how to find and buy the right collar for you. We've outlined some of the most important aspects you may come across in this process and hope it will help you find the right piece of submissive jewelry to wear. Keep in mind that some couples choose to order several collars and change between them depending on the circumstances.

Finding the right type of collar

By now you'll have a good idea of the type of collar you are looking for, and your intended uses for it. As mentioned, if you are looking for a fashion piece then it really just comes down to finding a style that you enjoy and moving forward to the next step. Now if you are looking for a collar to use during play sessions, you must select one that facilitates the type of play a slave might engage in. Make sure that the collar is thick and large enough, with enough rings for whatever bindings you may plan on using in the future to please your partner. Some people also end up ordering a couple of different collars for different purposes, with some of the more intense ones reserved for the privacy of their own homes and then subtle day collars for everyday use out and about doing things in the vanilla world.

Making sure you pick the right size

While it can be tempting to get the latest, most popular collar right off the shelf, it's important to ensure that it'll fit around your neck. Most collars will come with the ability to resize and adjust them via a buckle or clasp, you need to make sure that you read the product listing details to ensure that it is available in a size that will be comfortable. A good way of referencing the right size is to see what kind of neck jewelry fits comfortably and using those measurements for your collar. It's vital that the collar feels comfortable to wear.

Choosing a style that's on point

Once you know what the purpose of your collar is, and you know what kind of size you need to find, you can move forward with selecting a collar style that looks as good as it feels. Take your time to browse the various items for something that looks like something you'd enjoy wearing for longer periods of time. It's always important to make sure you go through each review and make a decision based on what others are saying along with your own unique interests. Get acquainted with the information provided about each product and order what you like most to get the best results.

Our BDSM submissive collars are handcrafted and ethically produced

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