Collars for Humans

Collars for humans are popular both as visual fashion accessories as well as key items in Dominant/submissive relationships. Whatever the reason why you are looking for a collar, We have various options and styles that are designed with the finest materials.

What is Plaything?

Plaything was founded on the key concepts that BDSM and play gear should be beautiful, sturdy, and made to last years. Designed and hand made by expert craftspeople in South America, Plaything is redefining what it means to own the best leather products. Experience our collars and leashes for yourself by browsing our online shop with unbeatable prices.

What are collars for humans?

The most standard collars are usually made of black leather with a metallic ring at the front, most often worn around the neck. While your collar can be worn for purely aesthetic reasons, it is an important part of D/s BDSM relationships as visual indicators or someone's "owned" status. The products also have utilitarian uses during BDSM sessions for bondage. Search for a style and aesthetic that matches your goals and you'll be well on your way to putting in your successful collar order. If you still need help understanding what's right for you, feel free to reach out to us at any point by email or by phone.

Collars in Fashion

The collar has always had their place in fashion, primarily as a staple for the goth and punk subcultures; they are similarly popular in parts of Japanese street fashion. Similarly, chokers of various sorts have also been a popular fashion accessory, with the 90s look making a popular return in the 2010s.

What are collars made from?

Collars come in various shapes and sizes, but the most classic collar designs are made from genuine leather, as are all of Plaything's exclusive products, with a medium-sized loop ring in the front, making it easy to attach a leash or other form of bondage gear. That being said, most collars sold these days are made of cheap plastics and fragile metals, resulting in throw-away fashion that is used once or twice before being discarded. Make sure that you order gear that matches your intended uses made from materials and craftsmanship that gets results when shopping.

Like any other product, a brand new collar can come in a great number of categories and types. Collars are also often made from other materials like metal, vegan leather, rope, and other assorted textiles. Additional accessories like rings, spikes, and chains are commonly found on collars.

Want to find the right collar?

Choosing the right type of collar

It's important to take the time to understand what kind of collar you are looking for, and more so what kind you need. If you are looking for an addition to your wardrobe, you can confidently shop for any style or type you find that matches your desired look. Sort through our options to find something that goes perfectly with your ideal aesthetic and is in your price range.

If you are looking for a collar for BDSM or play purposes, then it's important to work your way through the many options out there to find something that both matches your desired look but is also play ready meaning that its made for intense play sessions. You also need to make sure that the collar that you order has all the right hoops and loops for any add-ons you plan on using, such as leashes or nipple clamps. Plaything's BDSM collars are all designed to withstand years of rough use while still looking their best and something to cherish for years.

Finding the right price

BDSM gear comes in a wide variety of different price ranges, from cheap mass-produced plastic products starting at $5 to ultra-luxury designer options in the hundreds of dollar range. Our collar options and leather leashes are very much in the vein of getting what you for, but it's important to not just rely on the price. Make sure you do your research before you hand over your currency.

Plaything collars are hand made from premium materials

Our products at Plaything use only the most ethical and premium materials and are all hand made. We do all of this and still get our prices down to make our high-quality offerings as accessible as possible.

All about customer service

Customer service is the hallmark of Plaything and we do everything we can to make sure that your BDSM gear experience is like no other. Whenever you order a Plaything collar or any of our other products, we are welcoming you to an exclusive group of Plaything owners. Your satisfaction and happiness is our number one goal. At any point, please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns, or use our live chat to get in touch quicker.