Submissive Collars

Submissive collars are a fundamental tool in both every day D/s relationships as well as during BDSM play sessions. While some people use it as a piece of jewelry to be cherished, others find collars to be a valuable addition to their fashion collections. Whatever you choose to use your collars for, there's a couple of important details to keep in mind. We've done our best to outline those below.

What is Plaything?

The team at Plaything is dedicated to designing and producing the highest quality leather BDSM play gear, using only the finest materials such as valuable metals and ethical craftsmanship. Whether you're looking for a slave collar to show your devotion to your partner or you just like how collars look around your neck, Plaything has something for you. We are trying to create a new generation of BDSM gear that is cherished and worn for years, rather than quickly produced to only be used a couple of times before dying under the bed. All our products are limited run, so every design is only ever made 999 times and then is gone forever so that all Plaything owners know that what they have is unique and has to be cherished. Explore our selection of products across this site without a moment to lose.

What are submissive collars?

First you must understand that submissive collars are made specifically for people engaging in Dominant/submissive relationships, and often act both as a visual display of one's status as a sub, as well as having rather practical uses during bondage sessions. A submissive neckpiece might look similar to any other collar that you might find at a local punk fashion store but it is the meaning that you and your partner give them that sets them apart. Whether you find yourself in a slave role, or as a Dominant looking for a gift full of symbolic love, a submissive collar is a great choice. Collars can play a similar role in a D/s relationship as can a wedding ring in traditional relationships. Dedicated lifestylers might even engage in collaring ceremonies, which are similar in their importance as weddings are to the rest of society.

Usually worn around the neck, submissive collars are usually made of beautiful black leather and have a single ring on the front, primarily used for attaching accessories like leashes or chains. Similar to a piece of jewelry, a collar can also play more of a visual role, with submissive chokers ranging in intensity, from simple leather chokers around the neck to large, imposing posture collars with hoods. Some submissives choose to show their devotion to their partners by wearing discreet day collars, which are often indistinguishable from a necklace or other jewelry. Whatever you choose to wear a bdsm collar for, you must search for one that matches your aesthetic and functional goals.

Collars and their place in fashion

Submissive and bondage collars have often found their way into various subcultures and their fashion styles. While in some cases people are also using the collars for the initial submissive purposes; the majority are just using it as a fashion accessory. The collar has been a popular part of punk and goth aesthetics for decades, with the 90s choker being a softer, more discreet version of that look. Wearing a collar has also been a staple in certain Japanese streetwear subcultures, often acting as a form of jewelry or as a means to attach other accessories to them, such as bells or other trinkets. If you are looking for a high-quality leather submissive collar to add to your fashion collection, consider browsing the Plaything collar shop.

How are collars made?

Collar production heavily depends on several factors, ranging from materials, manufacturing, style, and more. The standard BDSM collar in 2021 is made in a factory in China in large quantities, usually made out of cheap materials like plastic and brittle metals. These collars are often made in unethical work conditions, will break easily, and are just one of a million others. While these are perfectly valid for cosmetic purposes, they don't provide their wearers with much flexibility when it comes to intense play sessions or long term durability. When a collar can mean so much to submissives and their partners, they must order products that match their intended uses.

On the other hand of the spectrum, many custom and hand-assembled collars are available to buy online, however, this usually comes with large price tags, ranging into the hundreds of dollars for a single piece of gear. While these products are beautiful and well built, it's not always within the realms of affordability for everyday kink enthusiasts. That being said, it's much better to support these artisans than the mass-produced products that usually end up in landfills.

Plaything collars are different in that our products are produced by hand by expert artisans in South America with ethically sourced materials such as genuine leather and jewelry grade sterling silver. All our collars, leashes, and other leather goods are created in limited edition runs of 999 pieces each, meaning that once they sell out, they become highly valued products that can't be ordered from our shop ever again. If you want a piece of gear that will last years and is designed specifically to endure intense play sessions, then Plaything collars might be the right choice for you but at the end of the day, we want you to order something that you feel great about, whether that is from us or someone else.

What are some uses for a submissive collar in BDSM?

As mentioned above, bdsm collars can be used for several different uses ranging from acting as symbolic jewelry, fashion statements, and import tools during bondage play. As they were originally designed for the former use case, you will often find collars with at least one ring on the front or around the collar. This is because its purpose is to act as something that someone can latch onto with a leash or with their fingers to control the submissive wearer.

BDSM collars are also important parts of any rigging set up where a sub is suspended and tied up, with the collar being an important part of restraining their head and with it, much of their control over their bodies. Adding a couple of accessories to a collar is also a popular move for submissives and their partners as there are many options out there like nipple and clit clamps, chains, gags, and even full-face hoods that can cover the sub's entire head. Of course, one can just use a collar for simple bedroom fun with just a leash or hooking fingers through the loop to pull your partner closer to you, but these collars are often designed to endure even the roughest of play styles.

How to find the perfect collar to wear

First understanding what collars are and what they are for an important part of the collar shopping process, however, to effectively shop for your next leather product, you need to understand how to find and buy the right collar for you. We've outlined some of the most important aspects you may come across in this process and hope it will help you find the right piece of submissive jewelry to wear. Keep in mind that some couples choose to order several collars and change between them depending on the circumstances.

Finding the right type of collar

By now you'll have a good idea of the type of collar you are looking for, and your intended uses for it. As mentioned, if you are looking for a fashion piece then it really just comes down to finding a style that you enjoy and moving forward to the next step. Now if you are looking for a collar to use during play sessions, you must select one that facilitates the type of play a slave might engage in. Make sure that the collar is thick and large enough, with enough rings for whatever bindings you may plan on using in the future to please your partner. Some people also end up ordering a couple of different collars for different purposes, with some of the more intense ones reserved for the privacy of their own homes and then subtle day collars for everyday use out and about doing things in the vanilla world.

Making sure you pick the right size

While it can be tempting to get the latest, most popular collar right off the shelf, it's important to ensure that it'll fit around your neck. Most collars will come with the ability to resize and adjust them via a buckle or clasp, you need to make sure that you read the product listing details to ensure that it is available in a size that will be comfortable. A good way of referencing the right size is to see what kind of neck jewelry fits comfortably and using those measurements for your collar. It's vital that the collar feels comfortable to wear.

Choosing a style that's on point

Once you know what the purpose of your collar is, and you know what kind of size you need to find, you can move forward with selecting a collar style that looks as good as it feels. Take your time to browse the various items for something that looks like something you'd enjoy wearing for longer periods of time. It's always important to make sure you go through each review and make a decision based on what others are saying along with your own unique interests. Get acquainted with the information provided about each product and order what you like most to get the best results.

Our BDSM submissive collars are handcrafted and ethically produced

Plaything is proud to be the leading producer of high quality, ethically crafted leather goods for kink and BDSM play. Designed and produced in South America with only the most ethical of materials like genuine cowhide and the finest silver, our collars and leashes are meant to last years and be a cherished part of everyday life. See what we have to offer by browsing our online collar shop.