About Plaything

Plaything Leatherwork with Buckle


Plaything was founded in 2019 with the simple goal of creating a new generation of kink gear that was centered intimacy and human connection, opposed to the dark and over-sexualized aesthetics of the past. While our products can be used for exclusively for fashion purposes; all our gear is designed for intense play, and is resilient enough for years of it.

Our mission is simple; to create durable gear that is genuinely cherished for years to come. We strive to create a paradigm of kink in our every day lives and welcome all, whether this is your first time hearing about what a day collar is, or whether you've been an avid lifestyler for the better part of a century. 

Limited Runs

All plaything products are produced in one time only production runs with a maximum of 999 units. Once that product sku sells out, it's never made again. This is a core principle of ours, and want to make every piece a limited edition piece that needs to be cared for because it can't be replaced. 

Who We Are

Plaything is made up of a small team of creatives, designers, and true believers in the positive impacts that kink can have on our lives. We design products that we want to use ourselves, and always find ourselves as the beta testers for anything new that we will bring to market.  

Plaything Leathercraft

Made in South America

All our products are hand crafted in South America by talented craftspeople. With our raw materials like genuine leather sourced from ethical ranches within a few hundred miles, we ensure that our products are as natural and ecological as possible. With every purchase you are directly contributing the livelihoods of generational leather craftspeople.